We keep promises and trigger success

Digital projects are successful when the mindset is right. Intes has been applying agile and collaborative processes for more than six years. These have proven themselves worldwide so that projects became real products. What sounds banal has already turned out to be a challenge in many projects as the chosen approach simply did not fit to a software project. As expertise comes from experience, Intes, as a specialist for digital projects, offers solutions in selected areas.


The website is still the most important digital channel for companies and organizations. Intes supports its customers in the way that suits them best. Be it from conception to go-live or a more focused approach on the implementation of programming. All teams work in an interdisciplinary manner and never lose sight of what distinguishes a digital product: its use by the user.

Digital health platforms

A hospital is an extremely complex system made up of a wide variety of disciplines and diverse digital contact points with customers. Intes is one of the leading providers of platforms in Switzerland that shape the various needs and demands into a holistic customer experience. Patients appreciate the customer oriented relationship on the platform made possible through the central control of the communication, hospitalization and consultation.


The supreme discipline of content-driven communication has a relevant position in inbound and content marketing. In order to ensure a successful customer communication, the right technical and user-centered set-up is required. Intes provides its customers interdisciplinary skills of content strategy, user experience design and the highest level of expertise in front and back-end development.


Many companies in the world of finance and insurance, but also in the energy, trade or service industry, have offers that can be mapped by using configurators. Companies benefit from the Intes framework and save time and money.
Configurators enable customers to map their personal needs with an individual solution. Companies can therefore automate modular processes that are centrally controlled that can be flexibly adapted to new needs in the future.

Digital Experience Platforms

Managing and maintaining various channels discourages many companies from fully exploiting the potential of websites, social media, digital signage or bots. For the first time in history of digital communication, the possibilities of a cross-channel, central platform are now open to medium-sized companies too. The technology is scaled so far that the costs are manageable. If these digital platforms are enriched with additional (micro) services, companies can offer their customers a holistic digital customer journey: Starting from finding information going over to buying offers up to automated local services, you can create an unbeatable ecosystem.

Process Automation

Modern web applications isolate the business logic, reduce the effort and learn from the behavior of the users. The advantage of web applications is that all adjustments and changes only have to be made in the software and the processing of the data is automated. The focus on services makes web applications an unbeatable use case for all companies and organizers who want to exploit the potential of reducing manual effort.