Connect your Business to your Own Cloud.

Tailormade Solutions for your Business.


Communication is the most crucial process for every company. Our cloud based CRManager provides the solid basis for a professional and efficient communication. CRManager will make your team productive by giving you the tools you need to run a business from A to Z. You want to grow your business?



Cloud Network

We build your network and make sure you never will have to worry about security, reliability, performance and configuration. It’s all managed in the cloud and we monitor it for you and you focus on your core business. Let us do the hard work for you.


Intes Drive

It’s the way we will use storage in the future and we are ready for it. Are you?

We have build a secure storage in the cloud that enables you to replace your expensive and old fashioned way you store documents, share documents, share contacts, share calendars and even more. We guarantee that our solution pays out versus the conventional storage methods. We calculated it for you, so check it.



Intes Voice

There we are again. It’s all about communication and efficient processes. We took communication to the next level and present you a phone 3.0 solution that brings almost endless advantages. Resign expensive and complicated hardware based solutions, if you have the possiblity to choose the easy way with our cloud based solution. No hardware required, no expensive installation just sign up and you are ready to take off.